University and 10th/12th Courses


Bachelor Degree

Bachelor of Arts: B.A

Bachelor of Commerce: B.Com

Bachelor of Science: B.S.C

Bachelor in Journalism & Mass Communication: B.A-J.M.C

Bachelor in Information & Technology: I.T

Bachelor in Library Science: B.LIB

Bachelor in Fashion Designing

Bachelor in Fine Arts

Master Degree

Master of Arts: M.A

Master of Commerce: M.Com

Master of Science: M.S.C

Master Journalism & Mass Communication: M.A-J.M.C

Master in Library Science: M.LIB

Master in Information & Technology: I.T



Computer Application

D.C.A: Diploma in Computer Application

A.D.C.A: Advance Diploma in Computer Application

P.G.D.C.A: Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application

Bachelor of Computer Application: B.C.A

Master of Computer Application: M.C.A

Business Administration

DBA: Diploma in Business Administration

ADBA: Advance Diploma in Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration: B.B.A

Master of Business Administration: M.B.A

PG Diploma